Parts of a cable clamp

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U-type clamps are generally used when the conduit (pipes though which electrical. .

U-type- The U-shape clamps are also called right-angle clamps.

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Nonsparking C-Clamps.

Constructed with flexible and durable material, our clamps will secure your cables and ensure they stay in place.

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A bolted tension clamp comprises of different components which include: The body: This is the main component of the tension clamp.

The glass fiber material mix (PA6 GF30) makes this plastic wire clamp very robust, perfect for heavy duty use.

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Clamps play an important role in the installation and maintenance of cable systems.


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Throttle Cable Clamps, Maltese, Billet Aluminum, Polished, Pair.

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531" Hole Dia Galvanized Steel Vinyl Cushioned Cable C.


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Wider than standard loop clamps, multiline loop clamps surround two lines of material to create a secure grip while holding the lines close to the mounting surface.

Anchor heavy pipe, tube, and conduit; stronger than routing clamps and hangers.

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They are for use in noncritical applications, such as fencing.

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The robust stainless steel mounting plates also come in four different angles.

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This is the area where your object and a workbench will go when you want to clamp them together.

HellermannTyton offers a wide range of cable tags: Steel cable clamps Plastic cable clamps Heavy duty cable clamps Flat cable clamps and more.

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Clamp is a part that shaped like crab claws.

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Cable Clamp with a hinged locking top are ideal for secure cable bundle routing and mounting.

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537 products.


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2 of ASCE 19-10 roughly states the end fittings shall develop ultimate strength greater than the specified nominal cable strength, which means thimble type end terminations with wire rope clamps are not allowed.

Choose from our selection of cable clamps, including loop clamps, wire rope loop fittings, and more.

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Suspension Clamp, Service Clamp, Anchoring Clamp, Tension Clamp & High Tension Clamp are some of the crucial components of the AB Cable System.

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The throat of a clamp is the negative space found between the two ends of the frame.


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The support is attached directly to a steel beam via bolts that are threaded and fastened to a flat or curved top piece.

For example, they can be used to secure cables and wires in place, to bundle multiple cables together, or to protect cables from damage.

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Reinforce mounted U-bolts for a more secure hold.

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Due to the low profile geometry, this flat cable clamp is well proven in the following fields, among many others: Buses and trucks.

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The traditional styles of wire rope clips usually have three components: a U-shaped bolt, a forged or cast iron saddle, and two nuts
Reinforce mounted U-bolts for a more secure hold
Inside the clamp there is a conductor that functions to capture electromagnetic waves emitted by current flowing in the cable
They are used to bundle, clamp, clinch,
Whether cushioned, for holes, edges, for adhesive bonding or screwing: cable clips from HellermannTyton cover a bundle range from min
It is the part on which the conductor is attached for support and connection
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Inside the clamp there is a conductor that functions to capture electromagnetic waves emitted by current flowing in the cable