9 conditions of salah

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mubtil). A requirement to conclude the prayer with the words of peace " Tasleem ", i.

2-Sanity: Prayer is not valid if performed by an insane person, because it is not required of the insane.

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” (Muhammad, 47: 19).

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Covering of satr (private parts).

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A requirement to recite the final " At-Tashahud ".

Posted by Ahmed Abdulla | Prayer.

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Jul 17, 2012 · 1.

” (Muhammad, 47: 19).

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” (Muhammad, 47: 19).


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3-Puberty: Praying is not required of a child until he or she attains puberty.

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fard) and avoiding the invalidators (mubtilat, sing.

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Travelers should offer 2 Rakat instead of 4 Rakat of the mentioned Salahs.

Al-Mughni, 2/79.

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The plural term for Shart is Shurut.

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Take water into your mouth.

Chapter 6: Conditions of Salah.

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fard) and avoiding the invalidators (mubtilat, sing.

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1) Al-Islaam (Salah is only accepted by a Muslim) Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And nothing prevents their contributions from being accepted from them except that they disbelieved in Allaah and in His Messenger (Muhammad)” [al-Tawbah 9:54] 2) Al-‘aql (Sanity.

When is the best time to make dua during Salah?
Conditions for the Prayer (Shuruud-Salaat) There are a number of conditions which need to be fulfilled for the prayer to be valid
” (Muhammad, 47: 19)
A requirement that in fulfilling the above pillars the person should be in a state of tranquility
A condition is something that is required before the commencement of prayer in order for it to be valid
236-240 The nine conditions upon which the correctness of one’s prayer depends are as follows:
Conditions that are compulsory for the validity of the Jumu’ah prayer